Tuesday, 5 March 2013

A start of things to come.

You know a dream is like a river,
Ever changing as it flows,
and the dreamer is just a vessel,
that must follow where it goes.

Trying to learn from whats behind you,
and never knowing whats in store.
Makes each day a constant battle,
just to stay between the shores.

And I will sail my vessel,
'til the river runs dry.
Like a bird upon the wind,
these waters are my sky.
I'll never reach my destination
If I never try,
So I will sail my vessel,
till the river runs dry!

Too many times we stand aside,
and let the water slip away.
And what we put off till tomorrow,
has now become today.
So don't you sit upon the shore line, 
and say you're satisfied.
Choose the chance to rapids,
and dare to dance the tides.

I started this blog to help me organize my thoughts. I find that Garth Brooks song to be very accurate in its description of life. I just got married and already I can tell some very transformative years are ahead. Too often I come to some new conclusion that I later forget. Hopefully writing them down will provide some stability in my mind. Here's to commitment! :)