Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Looking further at the intersection of faith and science

It's interesting to see an interactive graph of the religions who do and do not state openly if evolution or the big bang is in conflict with their religion.

Here's the graph:

And here's the survey itself:

The major denominations that state there's a conflict:
- Southern Baptist Convention
- Lutheran Church Missouri and Wisconsin Synod
- Presbyterian Church of America
- Free Methodist
- 7th Day Adventist
- Jehovah's Witnesses
The rest either pretty much openly state that there's no conflict, or have no official position posted. This surprises me. I must be missing some aspects of modern theology that allows for this coexistence. Of course, the same goes for most people. While 46% of Americans believe in a literal understanding of Genesis and a <10,000 year old Earth, only 11% of Americans belong to a denomination which openly states evolution and an old Earth are in conflict with their faith.

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