Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Bizarre societal norms I've been thinking about today...

If an adult purchases or consumes certain chemical compounds, in the privacy of their own home, they get caged for a portion of their lifespan. #EndTheWarOnDrugs

If a person assists another person in peacefully ending bodily functions, at their behest, they get caged for a portion of their lifespan. #RightToDeathWithDignity

People often slice off sections of flesh from the bodies of their newborn infants. #EndRoutineInfantCircumcision

When children do not behave in accordance to adult expectations, a parent will often use repeated forceful impacts on their body in hopes that the resulting pain and fear will deter the behavior. #SpankingIsNeverOkay

Some people think eating cow flesh is normal and eating dog flesh wrong. Some people think eating dog flesh is normal and eating cow flesh wrong. #EatingFleshIsWrong

Most people around the world claim to know exclusive details pertaining to why we're here, and what happens to us after our deaths. It usually happens to resemble what others in their area say. #FaithIsNotAReliableSourceOfKnowledge

In most places around the world, a topless man is perfectly acceptable, while a topless woman is censored on TV, and arrested or fined in person. #FreeTheNipple